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Sharon B (Buford, GA)
9/17/2004 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia Al-Anon Assembly  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story  ( 35 min )

"I was overly responsible."

Humor and Recovery (AFG) (??,AL,CA)
7/3/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 11 min )

"When you learn to laugh at yourself you will never run out of material...and people don't have to pretend that I'm perfect."

Susan B (Tulsa, OK)
8/3/2019 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 44th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 5 min )

"I did not intend to stay here 45 years. I came in to find out what I needed to say and what I needed to do to keep him from drinking that crap and then we'd be all right and then I could get married."

"It hurt to walk through the air. My fingernails hurt."

"I'm gllad there's not a slogan, 'Figure It Out'."

Bonnie (AA) and Paul (AFG) L (Paduka, KY)
10/16/1965 in Macon, GA  EVENT: 12th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA and Al-Anon, Both, Story  ( 1 hr 16 min )

"It is a bit much to ask a woman who has spent 30 years trying to hide her problem to get up here and tell all."

Kathy H (Cincinnati, OH)
7/17/2004 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 29th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 13 min )

"Our Father which art in heaven, how'd you know my name?"

Christine B (Buford, GA)
8/4/2018 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 43rd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story  ( 36 min )

"My story is a little different from a lot of Al-Anons.

I didn't come here to get anybody sober.

I was completely and totally isolated and alone except for one sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous.

He did not live in my town. He had been my counselor and he was my line to sanity.

I came to you because every day I was standing in front of the mirror and saying

'I have it in me to hold it together - today.'"

Clif G - Lori G (AFG) - Relationships (Oklahoma City, OK)
5/7/2022 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 23rd Marietta Spring Roundup  TYPE: AA and Al-Anon, Both, Workshop  ( 1 hr 19 min )

"We are much more brothers and sisters in our defects than we have ever been in our virtues."

Jan F (Shawnee, OK)
11/13/1991 in Knoxville, TN  EVENT: 18th Tennessee Al-Anon Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 4 min )

"I was a basket case of negative emotions...I was in a spiritual coma."

Jan C (Houston, TX)
7/18/1998 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 23rd Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 16 min )

"I was like a chameleon on a plaid skirt."

"Trying to keep an alcoholic sober is like trying to teach a pig to sing.

It doesn't work and it just annoys the pig."

Cathy H (Cincinnati, OH)
3/30/1990 in Alexandria, KY  EVENT: Al-Anon Dinner  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 5 min )

"Gee, alcoholism has really hollowed you out, hasn't it?"