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(#2119) Bob F (Louisville, KY)
May 1999 in Laughlin, NV  EVENT: 15th Tri-State Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Male, Story

A very solid speaker and member of Al-Anon, in the Program 16 years since Easter Sunday of 1983, Bob grew up in Michigan not far from Detroit.

He was the youngest in a family of four that was probably dysfunctional. Both parents were married before but never talked about it.

His father was a functional illiterate that died before Bob came into recovery. Bob was an over achiever Eagle Scout who did well in school. He looked old enough and could buy the beer for all the ones that were living on the edge.

A lawyer by training, Bob was married four times to alcoholics.

"That is not a bald spot on my head. It is a solar panel for a sex machine."

His first wife and the mother of his two daughters died two months before this talk after having had very little contact them.

The girls were able to make the decisions for her in the last days of her life and Bob felt free to let them do that honor.

His second wife said she never had an alcohol problem until she met him.

"I have not found it necessary to manage, manipulate or control since I came into the Program..."

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