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Choose a speaker type and sub-type from the buttons on the HOME page to see all the speakers fitting that description.

  1. Random SelectionRandom Selection - This picks ten talks at random from the collection. It is a unique feature of WeJoy and lots of fun. I call it the God Button.
  2. Workshops - These cover topics like the Big Book, Steps, Service, Traditions and Concepts as well the AA International meetings.
  3. AA International - Many of the sessions from the 2015, 2010 and 2005 International are on WeJoy as well as some from previous Conventions.
  4. Authors
    Authors - These are Big Book Authors or those who have written specifically about AA.
  5. Event Groups - An event is a recurring meeting, roundup, convention, etc. Event Groups allow a quick way to find all the talks on WeJoy from one of these recurring events across time.


The search is by two major classifications:

  1. Organization (AA, Al-anon, NA, ...) and
  2. Sex (Male, Female, Both - Couples or Panels)
Each recording is also flagged to indicate one or more types of presentations. The current types are:
  • Story: The speaker's own story of experience, strength and home
  • Workshop: A presentation on a topic like The Big Book, Emotional Sobriety, Traditions, Relationships, Service, ...
  • Steps: A specific type of workshop or presentation focusing on the 12 steps
  • Traditions: A specific type of workshop or presentation focusing on the 12 traditions
  • Historical: A talk about the history of the program or by someone who is part of that history
  • Author: The speaker wrote some work considered part of the literature of recovery
  • Day Since Added: Helps find the newest recordings within a selection sorted by date descending

Keyword Search: This is a simple search across multiple fields in the database for one or more Words or Phrases containing the keyword.

Separate multiple Words or Phrases with the "Pipe" character (e.g. Bill|Bob). This will find ALL occurances of Bill and ALL occurances of Bob. It is not yet able to handle complex searches.

Also, it does not distinguish yet between HTML formatting commands (line breaks, bold text, etc) and real content. So it can produce some odd results. Treat it like a new-comer - Keep it simple and it will find meaning. Make it complex and it will find nothing.



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Find the speaker you want and click on the entry on the speaker index page.

On the detail screeen you can play the audio on your PC, phone or tablet by pressing the Play button. What happens next depends on your device.

Right-click the Play button and "Save link as .." to save the single audio file to your Desktop or Laptop.

This file is not well suited for burning CDs. Use the Burn button for that purpose.



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Burn downloads a ZIP Compressed file to your system. The Zip file contains multiple MP3 files - one per five minute track.

Once saved, open the Zip file and "Extract All" to your Music or AA Speakers folder.

These can later be burned to an audio CD using Windows Media Player, iTunes or my favorite - Nero.

SEE: How to Burn a CD for detailed instructions with "purty" pictures". I use the full version of Nero to burn CD's. Here is a link where you can download the free version:

Nero MediaHome



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Find the speaker you want and click on the entry on the speaker index page.

On the detail screeen you can Save the audio to your mobile by pressing the Save button. What happens next depends on your device.

A dialog may display asking you where to save the MP3 audio file for later off-line listening.

On my Android it just stores it in the Internal Storage Downloads folder.

If I want to move it to my External SD Card, I do that manually using the File Manager App.

This feature is NEW and has not been fully tested on all tyoes of devices.

Event Group


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This button shows at the bottom of some Detail pages.

If a talk is part of an Event Group, this will show a list of those talks on a new index page.

An Event Group is a way to list talks together that happened at the same Event and group them by the Year of the Event.

A Roundup, Conference or Convention is an Event as are some Monthly Speaker Meetings for heaily represented meetings (e.g. Breakfast Club).

Some talks are NOT flagged as part of an Event and thus will NOT show an Event Group button

Request a speaker not yet on this site by sending an email to: info@WeJoy.org