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(#1735) Jan F (Shawnee, OK)
11/13/1991 in Knoxville, TN  EVENT: 18th Tennessee Al-Anon Convention  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

The most important thing in her life is that she has recovered a relationship with her father through the practice of the 12 Steps.

Today she can share things with a whole room that before she could not share with herself.

It is a freedom to share our story that is hard to express. It is hard to explain what it is like when it's OK that others know what is going on inside us.

Part of her disease was being unable to admit to another that she was a battered wife even after her husband, Bob, admitted his part at an AA podium.

The spirit of this Program is her favorite part to talk about.

Before she came in, "I was a basket case of negative emotions...I was in a spiritual coma."

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