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(#2082) Detachment, Love, and Forgiveness (AFG) (Various)
7/3/2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: AA International 2015  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

AAI15-AFG-Detachment, Love, and Forgiveness

Three members share on the topic:

Carol (AFG) from Ft. Meyers, FL, she was raised in Wisconsin near Lake Michigan by non-alcoholic parents. She uses these tools for her daylight and nighttime fears.

Leary (AFG) from Illinois - Enthusiastic and active member qualifying on many levels from many relationships - past and current.

"I am a sponge for other people's emotions."

Caroline (AFG) (home town not mentioned). May have come into the Program as early as 1976 in California.

She compares living with an active alcoholic as living with an elephant in the house

"And elephants do what elephants do."

The Al-Anon spends half a life cleaning up after the elephant. Then the alcoholic comes into the rooms and laughs at the mess they made of "their" lives.

Detachment says in part,

"Elephants do what they do but not to poop on me...but I can love them right where they are..and I didn't have to fix him."

"I quit saying I was sorry so much because that is not my name."

Her oldest son's disease ended when he shot himself at age 18 in 1986.

Held starting at 11:30 am in room Marquis Salon A

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