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(#4260) Barbara A (Crestwood, KY)
3/12/2022 in Albany, GA  EVENT: Flint River Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Nearly 38 years in Al-Anon since 3/19/1984, Barbara is my go-to when someone is asking how to get in touch with one of the Al-Anon speakers.

Barbara was the Al-Anon Delegate for Georgia when they were living there.

She starts by sharing her 12 steps BEFORE Al-Anon - always a favorite.

"I came into Al-Anon and then found my story."

The history of alcoholism in her family is fascinating and extensive but she was in denial about it for years prior to meeting her AA husband Dick.

Funny with great insights and active in recovery.

Her husband Dick also spoke at the event and they did a workshop together.

Dick and Barbara's Workshop

Dick A 2022 at Albany, GA

(1 hr 8 min) (7.8 MB) (id#4260)