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(#2755) Rosa K (Santa Cruz, CA)
3/28/1992 in Monterey, CA  EVENT: NCWSA Spring Conference  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Great share!

Rosa was tricked by one of her qualifiers into coming to her first Al-Anon meeting.

The topic was from the ODAT though from a different date, April 8:

"Would I stand on the seashore and, like King Canute of the ancient legend, try to command the tides? It is just as fruitless to try to control the alcoholic. Yet this is what I would be doing in attempting to force sobriety by my will-power."

That was also her wedding date. Then a lady told Rosa's story and she realized she was truly insane and that these people had a solution that worked.

Currently the District Alateen Coordinator, she shares heart-felt stories of what that sister Program has meant to her and one of her six children.

At the time of this talk, she is recovering from a throat tumor and her son is awaiting his trial for murder.

Yet, Rosa has found Peace.

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