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WeJoy contains Over 1,550 Free Alcoholics Anonymous Speakers and Al-Anon Talks on MP3


FIX Search and Buttons: The SEARCH function and a number of the buttons above did not work properly. This was corrected 1/22/2017


NEW Search: The SEARCH function has been cleaned up. Also, any page link address (URL) can be copied and sent to friends and they will see what you see. Before this was not always the case.

Event Groups: A group of related events like "The Atlanta Roundup" or the "AA International" spanning many different speakers and, in many cases, decades of events.

Upload Your Audio File: Upload an audio file to be considered for the WeJoy collection. Less than 128 MB. Audio only.

WeJoy is UNIQUE because:

  1. Most talks have a fairly DETAILED DESCRIPTION of the speaker and the content
  3. Every talk may be DOWNLOADED IN TWO FORMATS: Single MP3 and CD suitable Tracks
  4. Many of the talks are NOT AVAILABLE FROM OTHER FREE SITES


The WeJoy Mission is to provide high quality, unique and relevant recovery audio suitable for paying forward as burned CDs and hot links.

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