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Tom McN (Acworth, GA)
11/24/2017 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Sober @ 6 Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 39 min )

"Now I've gone through some things alone in Alcoholics Anonymous but only when I chose to."

"The Big Book does not go through dozens of ideas a few times.

It goes through a few ideas dozens of times."

Terri K (Woodville, OH)
7/1/2017 in Nashville, TN  EVENT: 36th Music City Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 13 min )

"Then the gig was up...Those are the sorts of things that practicing alcoholics do."

Mel B (Toledo, OH)
July 2015 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: Sober City 2015 at The Tabernacle  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 5 min )

"Pass It On"

George E (Myrtle Beach, SC)
10/18-20/1991 in Hinton, WV  EVENT: 25th Bluestone Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 13 min )

"I am a product of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous."

Georgia B - Steps 10-11 (Los Angeles, CA)
6/1/2014 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: Girlstock 2014  TYPE: AA, Female, Steps  ( 1 hr 14 min )

"I was really such a victim. O, my heavens. All the counselors said so."

"And it wouldn't work for me because I was either too bad for AA or not bad enough."

Scotty A (Midland, TX)
2/15/1987 in Louisville, KY  EVENT: 36th Kentucky State Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 16 min )

"Life is too important to be taken seriously."

Debbie R (Atlanta, GA)
1985 in Monteagle, TN  EVENT: Monteagle Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 52 min )

"I've always heard it said that Treatment is Discovery and AA is Recovery."

Midge McF (New York, NY)
7/24/1976 in Cleveland, OH  EVENT: 20th Ohio General Service Conference  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 53 min )

"I had a ghastly secret that during my career of going to doctors I could not share - would not share. My secret was this - I had to drink. I had to drink to live. Now I knew this and I was very ashamed of it. But I was absolutely panic stricken at the thought that somebody would find out and when they found out they would try to remove me from the bottle and then, of course, I couldn't live, or at least that was what I believed."

"Service is nothing but the twelth Step in action. Service is not a separate part of AA. There are no separate parts of AA. It's all one AA Program."

"This business of coming out of your shell is so exciting ... You don't come from the outside in. There's no way. It's broken like a chicken, from the inside out."

Austin R (Lake Orion, MI)
April 1952 in Farmdale, VA  EVENT: 4th Virginia Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop  ( 44 min )

"Humility is nobility on its knees."

Dennis N (Easley, NC)
4/30/1999 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 9th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 55 min )

"But I have learned since then that if you're sober and your black and your 6'4" and you weigh 259 pounds you can have an opinion if you want to. You might not get invited back but you can have an opinion."

"If this thing is not working around your dinner table then it's not working around here either."