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Maggie H (Chamblee, GA)
1990 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: Biscayne Room  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 47 min )

"There has got to be a better way to run my railroad."

"I am convinced that what gets us in here is that total aloneness."

Sandy B (Tampa, FL)
2007 in Nashville, TN  EVENT: Retreat Outside Nashville  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop  ( 54 min )

"Where could I hide", I said, "so I could never find myself?"
"I know. I could pretend that I'm not me or you nor he."
"I'll hide in a story and believe that it's real."
"Oh boy! What a joke on me."

Marcia W (Duluth, GA)
5/5/1997 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 7th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 54 min )

"I violated every single principle that had been given to me."

"I hadn't had a new problem in a long time. If you stop and think about it there are no new problems, just variations of old themes."

Art H (Forest Park, IL)
7/21/1984 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 9th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Historical  ( 43 min )

"Here's my card - call me up when you feel worse... A week later I called him up."

Bob D - Principals (Las Vegas, NV)
2/18/2017 in Hebron, KY  EVENT: 66th Kentucky State AA Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop  ( 55 min )

"We were having trouble with personal relationships, we couldn't control our emotional natures, we were a prey to misery and depression, we couldn't make a living, we had a feeling of uselessness, we were full of fear, we were unhappy, we couldn't seem to be of real help to other people ..."

"But it is from our twisted relations with family, friends, and society at large that many of us have suffered the most. We have been especially stupid and stubborn about them. The primary fact that we fail to recognize is our total inability to form a true partnership with another human being. Our egomania digs two disastrous pitfalls. Either we insist upon dominating the people we know, or we depend upon them far too much."

Amy D (Louisville, KY)
10/20/2019 in Savannah, GA  EVENT: 66th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 54 min )

"I create chaos out there because I want the chaos out there to match the chaos in here because I can't keep this in here quiet."

"Not too many men like an angry prostitute but they are out there."

Jackie M (Louisville, KY)
9/16/1989 in Hurricane, WV  EVENT: West Virginia Area Fall Assembly (Area 73)  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 50 min )

"And I found that, you know, I would go to a party and I'd drink too much and pass out and I didn't even think about it. I didn't even think what was happening to my life, what was happening in my family, how my kids were getting out of hand - never dawned on me."

Jack H (Dunwoody, GA)
12/26/2018 in Holly Springs, GA  EVENT: Stepping Stones Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 48 min )
Cia F (Los Angeles, CA)
5/10/2018 in Decatur, GA  EVENT: 43rd Atlanta Roundup Fellowship Event  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 58 min )

"The preposterous became palatable."

"I was burglarized and did not notice it for a few weeks."

"Children of alcoholics are pathetically cynical."

Albert M (Dallas, TX)
3/11/1989 in Fresno, CA  EVENT: NCCAA Spring Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 56 min )

"I think I was addicted to approval long before I was addicted to alcohol."