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Random Selection Sorted by Speaker Name and Member of AA
Dean S (Santa Monica, CA)
1973 in Unknown  EVENT: 22nd Kentucky State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 49 min )

"I suppose to any normal person, that would be some kind of hint that there was something wrong in their life."

Laura S - Step 1 (Johnson City, TX)
7/1/2021 in Milford, CT  EVENT: MPG Aoom Group  TYPE: AA, Female, Steps  ( 55 min )

"Alcohol was not the solution for me. Alcohol was the relief for me. The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are the Solution for me."

Jim W (Aledo, TX)
7/25/1992 in Greenville, SC  EVENT: Unknown Event  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 35 min )

"As long as you know what you know, you'll never know. But when you begin to not do what we tell you not to do and to do what we tell you to do, then you will begin to know that you don't know then you'll begin to know."

Don L (Bellingham, WA)
8/19/2023 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 44th Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 9 min )

"Alcohol first takes what money can buy and then what money can't buy."

"When I don't drink no matter what, things get ugly really quick between my ears."

"I may or may not have been born alcoholic, but I was born weird."

"It was the worst gameshow in the world: What Will Happen to Don Tonight?"

"Every bottom has a trap door."

"There is no room for truth where the game of alcoholism is played."


Steve B (Van Nuys, CA)
Feb 1999 in Huntsville, AL  EVENT: 8th Huntsville Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 11 min )

"I don't identify as a drug addict. I never met a drug alcohol couldn't help."

Astrid H - Step 1 (Granada Hills, CA)
6/1/2018 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: Girlstock 2018  TYPE: AA, Female, Steps  ( 49 min )

"Her pathology transferred into mine at a very early age."

"I am not here to water down AA but I have some news for ya'll, the landscape of AA has changed and there are very few real alcoholic kids anymore...I choose to call that untreated alcoholism."

Jenn W (Acworth, GA)
6/5/2021 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 42 min )

"But I carried that shame and that secret around for years and years."

"I like to say that AA is like the Mafia, right? So, you can't talk about what you hear or see here or who is in here, but if you leave here, you die."

"Vintage Box
I am living in a box held together with red clay. The clay is alcohol. It's holding me in this box. The clay is not sturdy. The clay crumbles and to keep the box together, I have to add the ugly clay. The clay is dirty and temporary. The clay leaves stains that are so hard to get out and it's so much harder to look at. When the rain comes, the clay washes away leaving a naked vulnerable box and the ugly red clay stains. The decision, time and time again, is to simply add more clay. It seems to be the only way to keep the box - my life - together. I am discovering a new way to remove the clay - alcohol. And this is the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. I will be painstaking about this process. I will take time and I will have to learn to deal with the clay stains. I will find comfort in knowing that some will eventually fade the stains, maybe not completely, but over time the box - my life - will have a little vintage look instead of the ugly dingy box that I see now. This cool vintage box - my life - will have an amazing story to it: how it was buried in the ugly red Georgia clay and now it is sought after by others who feel buried alive in their ugly clay - alcohol."

Keith L (Fayetteville, NC)
1/30/1996 in Laughlin, NV  EVENT: Laughlin River Round-Up  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 7 min )

"I went to the NCO Club and ordered a martini.
'How much is that?'

Well, it's 35 cents and your Marine Corps career.'
I said, 'Well that's not too much', so I paid it.
And then one day I went into a place and said,
'How about a fifth of that Scotch over there?

What do I owe you?',
'Well, it's $6 and your marriage',
'Well, doesn't seem unreasonable to me..."

Tom L (Luray, VA)
Oct 1975 in Blackstone, VA  EVENT: Blackstone Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 56 min )

"Only a fool, when properly informed, would give up the pleasures of slow dying and yet living."

Noel B - Spirituality IS Reality (Roswell, GA)
10/15/1989 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 16th Atlanta Men's Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop  ( 1 hr 1 min )

"We forget the Power of being human."

"Take a stroll in the sun."

"Maybe God puts people who are crippled in our way?"

"I really have it set because of this Program that nobody is taking my day away."

"You know that AA asks everyone not to be missionaries. It's a very big thing..."