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Bill W (Bedford Hills, NY)
7/3/1965 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 1965  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 26 min )

"I am responsible.
When anyone, anywhere
reaches out for help
I want the hand of AA
always to be there
and for that
I am responsible"

Sr Maurice (Bronx, NY)
in   EVENT: 22nd Annual Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female,   ( 1 hr 17 min )

"It's nice to be invited. There was a time in my life when people stopped inviting me. I used to go anyway,"

"This is the most important day of my life because this is the only day of my life."

"You don't have to BE good - you ARE good."

Billy C (Pasadena, CA)
6/13/2019 in Torrance, CA  EVENT: South Bay Serenity Group Speaker Meeting  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 39 min )

"It really wasn't racially mixed. It was just that the white people hadn't finished packing yet."

The Big Book: Sharing Our Experience (TX,OH,MO)
7/2/2010 in San Antonio, TX  EVENT: AA International 2010  TYPE: AA, Both, Story  ( 1 hr 12 min )

"I am the only expert on my experience with this Book."

Joe B (Cincinnati, OH)
2/17/2017 in Hebron, KY  EVENT: 66th Kentucky State AA Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 42 min )

"I knew at a young age there was something different about me."

Lisa K (Norman, OK)
10/13-16/1983 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 12th Fellowship by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 13 min )

"I wasn't important enough for me to stay sober for...but when you told me, that if I stayed sober and I made myself an example and I made myself a good life, that somebody else could share in that good life, too, as a result of the help that I gave them. That just set me on fire!"

Gratitude-A Full and Thankful Heart (BC, NJ, TX, UT)
7/3/2010 in San Antonio, TX  EVENT: AA International 2010  TYPE: AA, Both, Story  ( 1 hr 8 min )

"I was taught early on in AA that gratitude is not a feeling; it's not and emotion; it's an action."

Yvonne S (Edmond, OK)
8/11/1977 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 24th Georgia State Convention and 33rd S.E. Regional  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 11 min )

"I don't think I came into AA to get sober...but to live in a world soberly."

"Alcohol did that thing for me that no other human could do."

"It was at that time that I began to see who Yvonne really was."

Karen H (Alpharetta, GA)
10/20/2022 in Canton, GA  EVENT: Holly Springs Group Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 33 min )

"AA was everything I thought I never wanted and everything I know I can't live without today."

Ted H (Riverside, CA)
6/15/1989 in Eugene, OR  EVENT: Soberfest Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 30 min )

"Don't drink, even if your ass falls off."