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Jerry W (Apex, NC)
8/3/2018 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 43rd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr )

"I am a guy that absolutely could not quit drinking before I got to Alcoholics Anonymous.

I had a lot of well-intended people try to help me get sober - psychiatrists and preachers, high school principals, chief of police, a couple of deputy sheriffs, first sergeants, in-laws, parents, my brother - and no matter how hard they tried, I could never stay sober."

Mari G (Toronto, ON)
2/19/2017 in Hebron, KY  EVENT: 66th Kentucky State Conference  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 2 min )

"I was a feral drunk. You know, once upon a time I came from civilized people but now I am living in the wild."

"I was born with a criminal mindset...I was never taught to steal. It just came naturally."

"And my granny was behind the curtain with a rolling pin and a rosary, you know, the two staples of the Irish household."

Damon E (Acworth, GA)
5/18/2018 in Acworth, GA  EVENT: No Excuses Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 46 min )

"Is that true?"

SPEAKER SET: The Far Corners Retreat - 2006   (Multiple)  Total time across all 6 files is 5.4 hours.
Sandy B -4- Wish (Tampa, FL)  4 of 6
12/16/2006 in Ellenton, FL  EVENT: 1st Far Corners Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop  ( 59 min )

"My friend, I wish you weren't here."

Dick G (Altamonte Springs, FL)
9/20/2003 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia State Service Assembly (GSSA)  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 52 min )

"My sponsor was like a doll with a pull string."

Bill W (Bedford Hills, NY)
7/3/1965 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 1965  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 1 hr 26 min )

"I am responsible.
When anyone, anywhere
reaches out for help
I want the hand of AA
always to be there
and for that
I am responsible"

Patti O (Laguna Nigel, CA)
9/23/2006 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: 35th Fellowship by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 1 hr 4 min )

"I really have no social skills. Everything I know I've learned from the men and women of Alcoholics Anonymous."

Tracy S (Woodstock, GA)
3/7/2018 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 32 min )

"These are my people."

"Joy is a direct result of gratitude."

Jimmy E (Smyrna, GA)
1988 in Lithia Springs, GA  EVENT: West Atlanta Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story  ( 44 min )

"You can't keep it unless you pass it on."

"The only true Joy comes from the inside."

"The greatest thing we can have in this life is the 'me' that's inside us and this Program teaches us how to release that."

Gwen G (Grayson, GA)
4/19/1998 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 18th Women's Recovery Workshop (WRW)  TYPE: AA, Female, Story  ( 28 min )

"Alcoholics are, by far, the most spiritual people I know...Every time an alcoholic takes a drink, they are trying to go home."