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(#1918) Sheldon F (Las Vegas, NV)
8/5/2017 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 42nd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 21 years since 7/17/1996 at age 28, Sheldon was only in Atlanta for twelve hours.

He feels like he does some of his best shares when he is tired because he is not trying to perform.

I think he was right on this occasion.

Though funny and at times a little wacky, it is clear a design for living that works has grown in him.

His father left when Sheldon was two and when Sheldon was 14 years sober left him holding a $20K business debt (which really hurt).

"My dad is not an alcoholic but my dad is a selfish, self-centered guy. My dad's focused on how he feels and how much fun he's having. I mean, gosh, who among us isn't? ...My dad saw a pretty girl when I was two - chased after her. He saw another pretty girl when my son was six - chased after her. My dad is just a guy that wants to enjoy his life and he makes mistakes along the way and people get hurt. He couldn't have done any different! That was his N-A-T-U-R-E! I was mad at him for NOT doing something he was not capable of doing."

During Sheldon's later amends to his father, he thanked his dad because he realized he got his skills to earn a great living for his family from his dad.

His father said, "If I get a chance to come back through this world, I hope I get to be the kind of man I've watched you become in Alcoholic Anonymous."

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