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(#2105) NY Margie (Georgia)
10/26/1997 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 17th Women's Recovery Workshop  TYPE: AA, Female, Story


A lively speaker but did not reveal much of her vital recovery statistics in this talk.

She got sober in New York when her youngest daughter, who is now married, was 8 years old. It took Margie three years to pick up her last chip.

Margie says she is a little girl 'nobody' that became a 'somebody'.

"Stick with the winners? We are all winners!"

"Life is full of potholes but you got to learn to steer around them but Margie tried to plow right through them."

She had a girl born with spina bifida who did not survive.

Another child was born dead and she swore she would never have another.

She gave birth to a surprise daughter at age 37.

Shortly after, her oldest child, a son and Little League World Series player, was killed in an accident.

She was still drinking and drugging.

"I didn't stop believing in God, I just got afraid of His Will and shut the door on him."

She says she has been on alot of retreats but prefers this topic and the last day of the weekend.

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