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(#1832) A.A.'s History of Love and Service (DC,QB,NY)
7/1/2005 in Toronto, ON  EVENT: AA International 2005  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

  1. AAI05-A.A.'s History of Love and Service

A Chairperson and three members with 119 combined years sober, share on the topic:

Chair: Larry from South Dakota - sober 33 years since 12/31/1971 - Past AA GSB Class-B Trustee at Large for the US and World Service Delegate

Ernest G-Washington, DC - sober 25 years since 1/25/1980
"You know that we are a strange conglomerate of people. People who don't know nothin' about Alcoholics Anonymous look at us and think that somebody runs this Program. We run it."

Lace from Montreal, QB - 35 years since February 1970 - she shares about how she helped develop literature in French for AA in Canada - and she loved it (the spelling of her name, pronounced 'Leese', is a guess)

Ilene G from New York - sober 26 years since 1979
"My sobriety is just having a grateful heart."
She shares her version of Roland's role in starting AA
NOTE: There is no evidence Roland sought any other psychologist than Jung because Jung was recommended by a first cousin who had received treatment in Zurich several years before. see WeJoy Readings for more on this topic

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