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12 and 12: Willie B. 1994
Total time across all 4 files is 4 hours.
Recording 4 of 4

Twelve and Twelve Workshop

Sober since 6/19/1957, Willie passed in January 23, 2011. Named after her Dad's brother, she became a Schoolmarm in Spring Texas.  She often presented alongside Joe & Charlie during Big Book Weekends. Normally nine hours, this is the short version. Her talk focuses on the 12 and 12 as a Study Guide to the textbook Alcoholics Anonymous. The quality of the recording is very good in the beginning but gets weaker towards the end. Part four had to be digitally enhanced for volume only. It was not possible with the tools at hand to improve it further without introducing an artificial quality to the last recording. The presentation is a bit dry but the insights and experience are well worth the time.

At the end of this segment she reads a piece called "The Spirit of AA" that you can download here.


(#132) Willie B. (Spring, TX)
12/1/1994 in Myrtle Beach, SC  EVENT: Sandlapper Round CD4  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop, Steps

Step 11 (page 96) thru Step 12 (page 106)

(17 min) (16.3 MB) (id#132)