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(#2177) Warren C (Cleveland, OH)
August 1963 in Birmingham, AL  EVENT: Unknown  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

AA #12

Warren C, AA #12. Passionate. Sober 24 years since July 1939 when he was in his late 20's.

One of the first 100 AA members

They debated letting him into AA because he had NOT been hospitalized.

Sponsored by Clarence S of Cleveland when Clarence was 1.5 years sober.

Warren had been a Hobo and Skid Row bum for 2 years starting in July 1937 having lost a very good job working for a kind man.

Excellent clarity and a great message.

Clarence spoke in East Point, GA shortly after BIll W died:

Clarence S of OH at East Point, GA 1971

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