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(#1112) Clarence S (St. Petersburg, FL)
2/26/1971 in East Point, GA  EVENT: 10th Anniversary of East Point Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical, Author

Area 16 Archives

Sober 33 years since 2/11/1938, at the time of this talk he was the oldest continuously sober member of AA in the World.

Bill W died the month before this talk.

Clarence started the first AA groups in Cleveland. Indeed, it was the Cleveland group that was the first to call itself Alcoholics Anonymous.

His energy was behind the Plain Dealer newspaper series and Saturday Evening Post article that made AA a household name.

He was also frequently at odds with Bill W . on many topics.

The quality of the recording is outstanding and his tone is very mellow.

Use the BURN button above to download a ZIP file of the entire meeting including the readings and a short announcement of the REBOS clubhouse in Smyrna, GA having its first meeting in its new building.

This recording is taken from a reel-to-reel stored in the Area 16 (Georgia) Archives room in Macon, GA.

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