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(#419) Tom L (Luray, VA)
Oct 1975 in Blackstone, VA  EVENT: Blackstone Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Around AA almost 30 years and sober 25 since 1950, a minister and a co-founder of the Blackstone Retreat, Tom tells a story of transformation.

"Only a fool, when properly informed, would give up the pleasures of slow dying and yet living."

He spends a good bit of the time thanking,in a delightful way, those who taught him truths. He thanks God everyday for AA.

Tom grew up in the little cotton town of Newnan, GA.

He came into the ministry after getting sober in order to pay back his debt to God.

This talk is at times funny, poignant, powerful and grateful.

UPDATE: Tom relapsed in June 1977. He spoke again in Macon in 1979 - POWERFUL

Tom L or Luray, VA at Macon, GA 1979

From reel R00-0097 of the GSSA Archives

(56 min) (13 MB) (id#419)