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(#794) Tim T (Westlake, OH)
10/16/2015 in Columbus, GA  EVENT: 62nd Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 23 years since 6/23/1992, Tim had his first drink at age 13 and his last at age 30. Tim's dad got sober in 1946, died in 1980 with 10 years of continuous sobriety. Tim knew what an alcoholic was and did not want to be one. On this weekend of his 22nd wedding anniversary, Tim came to speak because if it were not for AA he would probably not be married at all. Tim had 6 step-fathers, 13 step-mothers, went to 20 schools and never got out of the 8th grade. He went to prison and many jails because he was a dumb criminal.

Now he is married to another AA member, Mary S, who has earned many degrees in sobriety. Tim earned his GED. The program has allowed him to be OK with that. He was able to take care of his mom and was holding her hand when she died. Powerful message. Share and enjoy.

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