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(#800) Mary S (Westlake, OH)
8/22/2010 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 33rd Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 22 years since 2/12/1988, Mary S. is married to Tim T. but if you were an alcoholic and had her maiden name you might keep it, too. As the Sunday morning speaker, she has a spiritual hunger that has been filled time and time again in the rooms of AA. Her alcoholism started with her first drink. Sobriety is all about power.

She had a happy childhood in Lakewood, OH on the hard working, hard drinking west side of Cleveland. She went to Catholic school with an idea of a loving, kind and generous God. Mary wanted to be a nun - even dressing up as a nun at Holloween. The nuns were fabulous to her. And then alcohol entered her life. She had control issues. She got married but could not stay at home. When he served the papers she tried to kill him with her bare hands.

She had an older man she would be nice to as long as he gave her anything she wanted. She was kicked out of the bar where she worked. She woke up scared to death and called a sober patron of the bar where she worked. He suggested she go to AA. Since coming into AA there have been many achieveents she attributes to her Higher Power. Among the highlights: she went back to school and earned a PHD.

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