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(#1898) John (Scotty) P (Camden, SC)
8/16/1997 in Cartersville, GA  EVENT: 20th Allatoona Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

WOW! Treated at Towns Hospital in 1963 (it was brutal) and a roommate of Ebby T's at a drying out farm, he saw Bill W. come to visit Ebby there.

Sober 33 years since 9/29/1963, Scotty is from Scotland. He was NOT one of those who felt he did not fit in, that is, until he went to a dance.

On the football (soccer) field and around the guys he was at home. It was a different thing around the girls.

He believes that feeling is more of a teenage phenomenon than an alcoholic one.

What alcohol did "for" him is what makes him an alcoholic. What it did "to" him is why he is in AA.

He was in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and, later, the US Air Force where he was on the team that recovered Scott Carpenter's Mercury capsule when it floated in the ocean 200 miles from the landing zone.

Great accent, awesome story, lots of experience and insights on the nature of the disease and recovery.

Here is the last talk on WeJoy of Ebby, two years before Scotty met him:

Ebby T in Davenport IA 1961

(1 hr 18 min) (18 MB) (id#1898)