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(#692) Ebby T (Dallas, TX)
4/16/1960 in Davenport, IA  EVENT: 6th Anniversary of Blandine Club  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

Ebby Thacher was the alcoholic who carried the message of spiritual recovery to Bill Wilson in November 1934 that led to the creation of AA and the 12 steps of Recovery. He stayed sober for 2 years and 9 months after that meeting. He was to experience over 17 years without a drink before his death but not contiguous. He died just short of 3 years sober on March 21, 1966.

In this fairly short talk at this Anniversary meeting, Ebby is with Searcy W. originally of Dallas, TX but living in Springfield, IL. The chairperson reads a letter from Bill Wilson prior to Ebby's talk.

A year later in 1961 after this talk, Ebby's girlfriend died. The next day Ebby was drunk. He returned to New York and wandered for a couple years until getting sober at the recovery facility

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