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(#1647) Sandy B - Story (Tampa, FL)
3/23/2013 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 23rd Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 48 years since 12/7/1964, Sandy shares how "researching ambulances" over the past year had zapped his spiritual energy.

"I was suddenly Mr. Self-centered whining complainer and I felt insulted. I said, "How could this have happened to me? Of all the people." That's nothing but arrogance thinking that nothing can penetrate. So, I learned a good lesson last year. I appreciate it God but let's pick on somebody else next year as I slowly reestablish contact. I forgot how painful self-centeredness is."

Then he takes a fair amount of time to talk about the wonderful personalities along the way who helped him get out of himself.

Then Sandy shares his story of growing up in Connecticut, finding his buddy booze, going to Yale, joining the Marines on a lark, loving it, becoming a marine fighter pilot and then drinking it all away.

One of the greatest communicators AA ever had, he joined the Big Meeting in the Sky, as some say, a little over 18 months after this event.

Sandy B - Obit Sept. 28, 2014

He did a great workshop earlier at this same event on the oft misunderstood concept: Humility.

You can listen to it on WeJoy:

Sandy B of FL at Marietta, GA 2013 - Humility Workshop

(57 min) (26.4 MB) (id#1647)