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(#1646) Sandy B - More Humble (Tampa, FL)
3/23/2013 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 23rd Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop


Sober 48 years since 12/7/1964, Sandy explores "Humility" what he considers to be one of the least understood topics in AA.

He shares a story about going to a local clubhouse, just getting out of his car, when a pedestrian asked him,

"What's this?" and Sandy shares,

"So I decided I wouldn't break anybody's anonymity by saying this is an AA club and all those people that you see here are alcoholics. And this one guy was watching me while I was talking to this lady. So I came up with what I thought was a perfectly good parallel explanation and I said, "This is a group of people who can't make it through life on their own." And when I went over and told the guy what I said, he said, "I'd rather you identify me as an alcoholic!"

Humility, he says, is the willingness to accept help - to get rid of that self-sufficiency.

At first we begrudgingly ask help for the alcohol problem but that is all. We decide to handle the rest.

Pride has a much better time of it in society than does humility.

Sandy goes through this topic in great deal.

Classic Sandy. We miss you bro'

Sandy told his story later at this same event:

Sandy B of FL at Marietta, GA 2013 - His Story

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