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24th Spring Conference-The Woodstock of AA
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The Woodstock format was introduced by Bob D. of Las Vegas, NV some years back. Well known and loved speakers with long term sobriety share their experience with a focus on 1 to 3 steps each. The order of the presenters is determined by the step(s) each will focus upon. It becomes a cross between a step and a pure speaker meeting. The result of those I have attended is magical.


(#532) Sandy B-Spirital Workshop (Tampa, FL)
5/2/2014 in Orlando, FL  EVENT: 24th Spring Conference-The Woodstock of AA-CD 8  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps

This Spiritual Workshop is classic Sandy. He relates the progressive nature of recovery when he says, "I look back and I realize that between years 38 and 41 I had more spiritual growth than any other period." He shares some of this spiritual wisdom in a kind and gentle manner. I have met Sandy a number of times and believe there are parts of this program that I have only gotten through osmosis - being in the presence of those who have experience, strength and hope.

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