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24th Spring Conference-The Woodstock of AA
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The Woodstock format was introduced by Bob D. of Las Vegas, NV some years back. Well known and loved speakers with long term sobriety share their experience with a focus on 1 to 3 steps each. The order of the presenters is determined by the step(s) each will focus upon. It becomes a cross between a step and a pure speaker meeting. The result of those I have attended is magical.


(#534) Clancy I-Step 12 (Venice, CA)
5/4/2014 in Orlando, FL  EVENT: 24th Spring Conference-The Woodstock of AA-CD 7  TYPE: AA, Male, Steps

Covering Step 12, Clancy is known as a strong sponsor. He got sober 10/31/1958. He is probably the most recorded speaker in AA. Here he talks about his sponsor when he came in and what Bob did for him that he could not do for himself. Clancy is well loved for a reason. Under all that gruff exterior is a heart willing to go to any length necessary to help the still suffering alcoholic. The stories of him going out of his way on countless occasions are legendary. Clancy still runs the largest non-denominational shelter in the United States. AA lives through him and in him. Thank you Clancy for helping keep the flame of AA going strong for me when I needed it in my hour of deepest darkness.

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