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(#1299) Ray O'K (Larchmont, NY)
July 1978 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 3rd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

To say someone is a character in AA is REALLY saying something but I doubt few would disagree with this assessment.

Sober 12 years since 11/24/1965, raised poor in Brooklyn, he made it to law school on a scholarship and did well enough to later secure a teaching position.

The freedom of the academic world when one has tenure combined with his heavy drinking led him to a life of wetting the bed at night and occasionally making it to school to teach aspiring lawyers the intricacies of the legal professions.

He got sober with postmen, plumbers and those way below his apparent station in life.

One newcomer, alcoholic lawyer was in the audience at this talk and heard his story. I know him well and he was sober still when I saw him this morning 38 years later.

Listen to that lawyer, another character in AA, after listening to Ray:

Dick S in Atlanta 2014

(1 hr 12 min) (16.5 MB) (id#1299)