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(#1278) Dick S (Marietta, GA)
7/31/2014 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 39th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 37 years, Dick is funny yet has experienced events in sobriety that might have shaken his faith but he kept going to meetings.

He is an attorney who came in thinking he was better than others. REBOS, the clubhouse where he got sober was known as blue collar on a good day. Ironically, Dick grew up in a blue collar home and made it to law school on academic scholarship.

His first AA meeting was in January of 1977 but did not get sober til May.

In recovery, he has used his training to help numerous members with their legal difficulties that are almost a rite of passage for many alcoholics.

I asked him once to help someone I met in a jail meeting. He helped the inmate prove his innocence and when asked how the inmate was to pay he said he was doing it for me.

Thank you Dick for all you do and what you have been through.

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