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(#753) Pat W (Woodstock, GA)
Dec 1975 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: Unknown  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober over 15 years since June 1960, Pat got sober along with two brothers and an uncle in Joliet, IL. He was born in 1938, 60 miles south of Joliet in Cedar, IL. He was the principle founder of the HOW Place recovery club house in Woodstock, GA. He was rarely recorded telling his story though more frequently recorded chairing meetings.

At 8 years sober he discovered the difference between Activity and Action in AA. Going to events is Activity. Practicing the Principles is Action. He defines these Step by Step as: 1-Honesty, 2-Hope, 3-Action, 4-Courage, 5-Integrity, 6-Willingness, 7-(missing?), 8-Loving Kindness/Brotherly Love, 9-self-discipline, 10-steadfastness of purpose - remain sober and help others achieve sobrirty, 11-Unity with all Life - God, Good, Life, 12-Service to Other People and Myself.

Clancy I. of Venice CA speaks about Pat W. at his talk t the 6th Marietta Roundup in 1996.

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