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(#2061) Oldtimers - GCYPAA (Marietta, Atlanta and Woodstock, GA)
8/31/1997 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 1997 GCYPAA  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

Oldtimers Panel - Georgia Conference of Young People in AA (GCYPAA)

Dick S of Marietta, GA - sober 20 years since May 1977 - a lawyer with a wry (or Rye) since of humor who has quietly (sometimes) helped alkies with legal issues.

Gay G of Decatur, GA - sober 21 years since 3/14/1976 - 20 years in service, Area 16 (GA) Delegate 1988-1989 and just rotated out as Southeast Regional Trustee serving on the AA Board in New York,.

Pat W of Woodstock, GA - sober 37 years since 6/13/1960, co-founder of the HOW Place in Woodstock, he met and spoke with Bill W. One of the real characters in AA, which is saying alot.

Dick S with 37 years in 2014

Gay G 2010 - with 33+ years at the 5th Tradition Group 2010

Pat W's uncle came in the program 1st. - Father Ed 1980

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