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(#1756) Obie O (Smyrna, GA)
6/28/2003 in Douglasville, GA  EVENT: 12th West GA Gratitude Weekend  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 29 years since 3/2/1974, Obie was born and raised in New York. A onetime stand-up comic, construction worker (though he did not like work) and grocery store owner, his father was first generation Irish and his mother first generation Polish.

His father and brother were professional fighters. He was overly passive as a child but later became aggressive. He was psychotic and neurotic.

He quit school after eighth grade. He joined the Army at age 17 during the Korean War. He thought he would fly jets but instead he did food service at Moody Air Force base.

God allowed him to do every insane, crazy thing while drinking without dying. Along the way he lost his soul.

He did get into show business and nearly worked himself to death - literally - with several suicide attempts.

Obie's son Harry O has his story on WeJoy as well:

Harry O of Kennesaw, GA at the 37th Atlanta Roundup 7/19/2012

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