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(#1122) Harry O (Kennesaw, GA)
7/19/2012 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 37th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 36 years since 9/8/1975, Harry got engaged just before this event.

Born in Georgia in 1956 when his dad was in the service at Moody Air Force Base, his mother was from New Jersey and his father was from the Bronx. They moved back there when his dad got out of the service.

They moved from New York City to upstate New York near to and around the time of the Woodstock Festival.

His dad, Obie O, was a sometime violent father, stand-up comic and grocery store manager who came into the Program at age 34 before Harry.

Before AA their basement was like a grocery store with cases of beer and Harry's dad allowed him to drink. After AA the party was over - at least the ones with booze. Harry got exposed to the people in AA.

Harry got interested in music and started drinking for effect from the beginning at age 14. He did not equate trouble with drinking. He started playing bass guitar for a band. He also started getting lots of blackouts.

He came out of a blackout in downtown New York and decided this had to stop.

He went to his first meeting at age 21 in Patterson, NJ and never drank again. He moved to Georgia after a year or so in the Program.

He talks about the insanity of traveling in a band at age 27 having not done the 4th step. He reached a point where had to take the Steps and incorporate them into his life.

He developed a relationship with God and a Spiritual Awakening - true, authentic Love.

"The Joy of Living is the Theme of the 12 Steps"

In 1983, 28 years old, after leaving the 11:30 am meeting at REBOS, he stopped to help a man on the side of the road get his car to start. The car and Harry caught fire and he jumped into a creek on the side of the road. The fire was out but Harry was paralyzed.

What happened from there is one of the great stories in AA.

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