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(#1174) Mary R (Honolulu, HI)
Oct 1971 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 18th Georgia State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story


Mary is introduce by Neely D of Atlanta, GA - the first Delegate for Area 16 which covers the state of Georgia. I heard that the 1st vote for Delegate was a tie and the gentleman said, "Ladies first."

Sober 10 years since 1961, Mary sponsored legions of women over the years.

At times a featured dancer in Hollywood and overseas for the USO in WWII, cleanliness obsessed housewife and, later, bar-fly, she never was a social drinker.

At one point she gave up bathing because her drinking made it too dangerous.

She still maintains an attitude of whatever is worth doing is worth doing to excess.

She hated women, starting with her mother. She felt like she was in a capsule looking out at the world.

She desperately defended her right to drink while constantly seeking approval.

A 1991 version of her story is also on WeJoy.

NOTE: This recording is from a reel-to-reel tape housed at the GSSA Archives in Macon, GA. The sound quality is excellent. The full meeting is available using the BURN button above.

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