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(#121) Mary R (Tustin, CA)
1991 in Missoula, MT  EVENT:   TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Funny talk with lots of strength and hope.

Mary sponsored many women in CA.

Describes her drinking like the cat after making love to the skunk who said,

"I didn't get all I wanted but I got all I could stand."

Was nearly court-marshaled as a USO dancer in WWII.

Tried to be a housewife but went to extremes even carrying a toothbrush around to scrub the cracks.

After coming into the program, started a restaurant that later became a clubhouse. Thought of herself as the AA Queen of the Fernando Valley.

Speaks about misguided relationships in AA.

Got Clancy I. as a sponsor. Got a menial job which was the only way that her values could have been changed. Taught her to recognize the spiritual gifts that she had been given. Finally found gratitude.

(56 min) (12.9 MB) (id#121)