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(#1566) Linda F (Chilliwack, BC)
May 2002 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 12th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story


Sober 22 years since 11/7/1979, Linda was the Sunday morning speaker. She is married to Lew F who spoke at the same event.

An accident some years before affected her short and long term memory.

She grew up very poor in a coal mining town in British Columbia. She sat on her first flush toilet at age 16.

Her parents taught her good morals and love though at times they had no food. The work was seasonal - winters were good and summers they did without because coal was not selling.

She got her first job at a hospital in a nearby town at age 16. She met and married a jealous man. They had two children.

She was raped at home at knife point by a stranger. She was too afraid to scream. She went immediately upstairs and took a drink.

She changed and her husband started beating her. She was too afraid to leave him. She never told a soul about the rape until she came into AA.

On 11/6/1979 she looked in the mirror and did not know who she was looking at.

She went to detox the next day, then to AA and has never had a drink since.

She spends much of her talk on her time in the Program.

Funny and powerful.

Listen to her husband Lew F at the same event.

(59 min) (20.5 MB) (id#1566)