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(#2577) Katy M - Responsibility is Sexy (Alpharetta, GA)
5/4/2019 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 27th Marietta Spring Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop


Highly recommended!

Sober 29 years since 5/15/1989 around age 18, Katy says:

"I think that a clear indicator that I had had a spiritual awakening of some kind was, like, when I thought a spiritual Program looked incredibly sexy on a man."

She takes on a journey of how her attitude and understanding of responsibility has evolved over the years.

"So, alcoholism was my problem, however, my relief at this was very soon replaced by an annoyance because members suddenly felt the need to inform me that while I was not responsible for my alcoholism, I was responsible for my recovery."

She points out two extremes:

  1. the depressive types where everything is all their fault, "they are just a burr on the butt of the why should I bother anyway",
  2. "and then there is the one that is inclined towrd self-rightousness grandiosity, who didn't do an inventory because they're great now that they are sober and the other stuff is someone elses fault anyway,"

In between is what she calls, the Grown Up Middle.

Fun journey from tough, awkward teenager to responsible business owner.

Very thoughtful and well worth the listen.

She told her story at the same event:

Katy M of Alpharetta, GA at Marietta, GA 2019

(49 min) (8.5 MB) (id#2577)