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Jim W - Steps 1982
Total time across all 4 files is 4.1 hours.
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Sober 14 years since August 1967, this is like no other Step Study on WeJoy.

Jim covers the Steps across four weeks with his wild, round-about thinking and many varied experiences.

He is truly one of the great communicators in AA.


(#1952) Jim W - Steps 1982 4 (Aledo, TX)
1982 in Dallas, TX  EVENT: Step Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Steps

SESSION 4: Staying Convinced and Meditation Jim Style

"I was given the Twenty-Four Hour a Day book by my sponsor.

That's not what people call approved literature. I don't even know if AA has approved the Bible or not.

But I understand it's not a bad book. I've just recently noticed their stealing some of our stuff."

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