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Jim W - Steps 1982
Total time across all 4 files is 4.1 hours.
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Sober 14 years since August 1967, this is like no other Step Study on WeJoy.

Jim covers the Steps across four weeks with his wild, round-about thinking and many varied experiences.

He is truly one of the great communicators in AA.


(#1951) Jim W - Steps 1982 3 (Aledo, TX)
1982 in Dallas, TX  EVENT: Step Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Steps

SESSION 3: Sex, Business Meetings, Amends, Oh My!

"I am never going to have anything my way. I am going to give up all control.

I am not going to try to control another humen being at all. I am not going to find fault with another human being.

There is no way to live with another human being and find fault with them. You just can't do it. It will not work."

(59 min) (13.6 MB) (id#1951)