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(#2094) Jim M (Jackson, GA)
7/15/2013 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 72nd Anniversary of AA in Atlanta  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 32 years since 4/25/1981, Jim's wife, Carol, has nine months more sobriety.

They are 49 years married. They drank and sometimes fought together for 18 years before recovery.

They have three daughters. One is in Al-Anon and another has 8 years in AA.

His parents raised him in Decatur, GA to be a priest.

He went to seminary in Cullman, AL when Father Hillary D. was an Abbot there.

But Jim did not have a God of his understanding, left and went into the Air Force where he learned to drink.

Father Hillary's story is also in WeJoy:

Father Hillary of Cullman, AL at Atlanta 1992

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