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(#2048) Ida C (Statesboro, GA)
7/19/1984 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 9th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 2 days shy of 26 years since 7/21/1962, Ida is the wife of C. D. C., one of the great characters in Georgia AA and a real character in her own right.

C.D. got sober 10/21/1957.

She came into AA through Al-Anon after remarrying him and was not very happy she had married and remarried an alcoholic - though now she is grateful she did.

She was in Al-Anon two years before she could look at her own drinking.

She grew up in an alcoholic home and she hated what it did to people.

Yet despite all the problems it caused, alcohol held some perverse attraction she could not explain.

She blamed C. D. for her drinking but when he got sober that was attractive to her.

"I was a misfit and now I fit ... and I know that this is the place I fit the best."

Listen to C. D. C. on WeJoy, 16 years later in 2000:

C. D. C. of Statesboro, GA 3/25/2000 in Rock Eagle, GA EVENT: 37th Men's Workshop

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