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(#99) C. D. C. (Statesboro, GA)
3/25/2000 in Rock Eagle, GA  EVENT: 37th Men's Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Funny talk. Sober 43 years since 10/21/1957 .

Grew up on a one horse farm in Georgia. Four relatives committed suicide because of shame drinking brought to the family.

Raised in a hard shell Primitive Baptist Church. Worked at learning how to drink and do all the things the church told him would send him to hell.

Finished law school and got married in 1941. Joined the Army Air Corps at the start of WWII. Became a fighter pilot.

After war became adjudicator for veterans Administration. Drinking was not a problem.

Checked out in jets in 1948 as a Captain in the Reserves. Drank when he flew. Active duty Korea 1950. Started drinking every day, flying and bombing. Came home full-blown drunk.

Son born while in Korea. Back to work for Federal Government. Wife divorced him. Was put in jail for child support. His daddy took him back to his ex-wife and paid her to remarry him because she was the only one mean enough to handle him.

Started drinking again. Wanted out. Checked into treatment in Atlanta. Wife filed for a second divorce. Got a job cutting grass.

A women got AA started in Statesboro and he started to go. Stopped cheating, lying and stealing. Wife took him back.

Now there are 68 meeting a week in Statesboro - more AA per capita than any place in AA. Has a son in AA.

Listen to his wife Ida on WeJoy, 16 years earlier:

Ida C (Statesboro, GA) 7/19/1984 in Atlanta, GA EVENT: 9th Atlanta Roundup

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