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Emotional Sobriety GA 2010
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Emotional Sobriety Workshop 2010

Held in Woodstock, GA, Father's Day Weekend, June 19, 2010. The workshop included Dick and Barbara A. of Lithia Springs, GA and Helen R. of Atlanta. Dick and Barbara lead similar workshops around the country. Sober over 30 years, Helen is the Office Manager for the Central Office of the Metro Atlanta Intergroup of AA. The Workshop focused on the Traditions and Concepts of AA with an emphasis on applying them to our daily lives.


(#160) Helen R (Atlanta, GA)
6/19/2010 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Emotional Sobriety Workshop  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop, Traditions

With her wry sense of humor and 42 years sober, Helen is a leader in AA in Atlanta and a resource for members with questions about the application of the Traditions in and among the groups. In this short, powerful talk, Helen speaks about how she practices these principles in her affairs. Was asked to speak on "How has AA changed?". Compares how the demographics have changed based on AA surveys. Comments on the effect of the courts sending offenders to AA. She is a story teller rather than a speaker. Tells stories on herself that are funny and enlightening. She is not patient but she knows how to behave.

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