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(#1114) Francis N (Midland, TX)
3/26/1971 in Hendersonville, NC  EVENT: 1st Kanuga Lake Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Area 16 Archives

Sober 8.5 years since 7/7/1962, Francis is a member of the 710 Group of Midland TX.

This is a powerful and unique talk where she opens up like few can at the podium.

She says she seldom talks. She has been in a crying fit over a recent revelation about spiritual pride and does not like bawling women.

She had a spiritual experience then lost it because she took credit for her spirituality. The revelation has resulted in a personality change.

She is no longer performing.

Mary R of Hollywood, CA taught her "I am my own women".

Mary's talk is also available on WeJoy.

This recent experience is the greatest thing that has ever happened to Francis besides her physical sobriety.

She was in hospital 57 times for drugs and alcohol before coming in to AA.

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Chair: Edith C-Chapel Hill NC
Betty R-Concord, NC-Read the Steps


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