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(#698) Francine W (Mill Valley, CA)
3/24/2002 in San Antonio, TX  EVENT: Weekend in SA with AA  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

At 49 years old and with 22 years of sobriety since July 1979, Francine was part of this special weekend with a wonderful interaction between she and Michael E. (female alcoholic) of Evans, GA. Francine says, "The older I get and the longer I'm sober, the more I get in touch with who I am."

Born in Atlanta and raised in New York, Francine crawled into AA in Las Vegas, NV after waking up in a body cast as the result of a hit and run during a blackout. She rarely spoke without using profanity, had no GED and came in the rooms with a bad attitude.

In the program she was told if you want self-esteem you do esteem-able acts. She went back to school at first in Nevada and then back in New York. There, after numerous attempts, she managed to take and pass the Bar Exams and become a lawyer. Later she moved to California and started the process of taking and passing the bar there as well.

At the time of this talk she had not yet passed the bar in California. Her spiritual approach to failure is as important as her gratitude for her successes.

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