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(#699) Michael E (Evans, GA)
3/23/2002 in San Antonio, TX  EVENT: Weekend in SA with AA  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Michael is a wonderfully reluctant speaker who is not afraid of flying but is very afraid of crashing. But she goes anyway. Raised by an alcoholic single mom who was rarely home, Michael raised her baby sister and married early to escape that life only to land in an abusive relationship. She did not drink because she did not want to be like her mother. When she finally drank, it did not take long for her to to hit bottom - hard and bizarre.

Often hilarious, once in AA, Michael was able to rise from her limited education to a responsible position where she was frequently invited to attend parties with the stars of Hollywood. She met the man of her dreams and moved to Georgia where she had to learn how to be a wife and companion.

She and her husband are active in the Augusta, GA area carrying the message to soldiers at the local base and holding weekly Big Book studies in their home.

At this conference, she was reunited with her friend and fellow speaker Francine W. of Mill Valley, CA.

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