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(#1300) Ed M (Bettendorf, IA)
July 2005 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 30th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop


Sober 34 years since 1/5/1971, Ed's story of forgiveness made the national news.

He was able to forgive one of those involved in his father's random, brutal murder and allow him to be paroled out of prison to Ed's home.

From 6'11" drunk and raging "white trailer trash" (his words), he got sober, managed the Ice Capades in Taiwan, the Globe Trotters in the US only to change careers and become a Methodist minister.

Ed's talk in Dallas, TX in 2004 was the first I was asked to duplicate. At first resentful at being given the work, it started what has now become WeJoy.

He died sober shoveling snow outside his home in Erie, IL.

I had a chance twice to meet him and thank him.

When you are finished with this talk try the one that started it all:

Ed M of IA at Dallas TX 2004

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