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(#625) Ed M (Bettendorf, IA)
May 2004 in Dallas, TX  EVENT: Gathering of Eagles  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

This talk was the first talk I every copied and it started with a resentment.

In May of 2004, a lawyer I was working with on his office systems went to Dallas TX to the Gathering of Eagles retreat. He brought back one CD and in the late fall asked me to make copies. I thought they were copyrighted and that he was a cheap hypocrite for asking me to do something illegal.

When I heard Ed I thought, "Where can I get more of these?"

I also learned the lawyer was giving me the greatest gift available - a design for living that really works based on a conscious contact with the God of my very limited understanding.

The lawyer is still sober and we get to laugh about it regularly.

I met ED M. before he died and thanked him for launching me into service.

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Articles about The Shamrock Tavern Slayings

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