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(#1242) Earl H (Studio City, CA)
7/22/2007 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 32nd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Earl has been a favorite of WeJoy listeners since the first tape I was given of him to convert to CD.

I was a greeter and door monitor at this event the night before this talk when they did the sobriety countdown. They had one signed Big Book to give to the person with the least sobriety.

The person chairing thought they had found a single person, a young man, with the least sobriety to receive the book. I noticed from the back of the room that there was indeed a young lady also with the same number of days. I left my post and motioned her to go forward as well.

When she got to the stage there was some confusion - there was only one book. The young man gave the book to the lady.

Earl was touched by this man's selflessness and says during this talk the following day, in effect, "Keep doing that and you will get this thing."

This was special for me because I saw my son become convinced of the solution while he and I were riding to and from a camping trip in North Georgia listening to Earl's talk he gave in Sacramento in 2002.

This little nudge to a newcomer became for me my saying, "Thanks Earl."

Earl H of LA in Sacramento CA 2002 "Thoroughly"

Remastered 7/22/2022 (one track was out of place at the beginning of the talk. Corrected in this version)

(1 hr 2 min) (21.5 MB) (id#1242)