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(#1325) Doug R (Tujunga, CA)
8/6/2016 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 41st Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 29 years since 6/7/1987, he grew up in a good middle class home.

"We were raised with love. My parents couldn't do enough for their kids. We were a loving, happy, laughing, musical family."

Doug auditioned stoned for the lead part in the musical Hair and got it. His alcoholism kept him from taking that opportunity further.

A very funny speaker who loves to laugh, he married Carla several years ago.

She was the Sunday speaker at the same event.

They also participated in two workshops with Ron W at the same event.

Carla R of Tujunga, CA at Atlanta, GA 2016

(1 hr 17 min) (13.3 MB) (id#1325)