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(#1326) Carla R (Tujunga, CA)
8/7/2016 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 41st Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 28 years since 9/25/1987, Carla is now married to Doug who spoke the night before at the same event.

She had given up on the possibility of a long term relationship just before they had a chance encounter.

They are both passionate about AA and got sober in the Los Angeles area.

"The beauty of Alcoholocs Anonymous was that I didn't need to be any more than I was or know any more than I knew - God met me right where I was."

She grew up in a messed up family. Her parents came from a harsh environmet and they passed that on.

She knew there was a Spirit of the Universe since a very early age but could not connect with it.

She did not think life was fair.

"But my sponsor told me the Fair comes around once a year and it lasts for two weeks."

Doug R of Tujunga, CA at Atlanta, GA 8/6/2016

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