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(#1250) Dick W - Workshop (Matthews, NC)
7/19/2008 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 33rd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop

AA History and The Big Book

Sober 42 years since 10/17/1965, a true oldtimer and country gentleman, Dick is passionate about the Big Book and AA History.

He is interested in the subject but not an archivist or guru.

What he shares is his love of exploring God's hand in making this Program available for you and I.

He was also the Sunday Morning speaker.

Dick W - Atlanta 2008

He loves Barefoot's website as a source of AA History, so I thought I would share that link with you but the website is no longer active

Also on WeJoy are a number of AA History readings focused on what is AA Folklore and what is Verifiable History.

God's hand, I believe, shines even brighter there and it illuminates how wonderfully human our founders really were:

WeJoy Readings

NOTE: According to one listener, Dick died sober in 2018 with 53 years of sobriety.

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