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(#1246) Clancy I - Workshop (Venice, CA)
7/21/2007 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 32nd Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop

Where do we go from here - Workshop

Clancy says as he goes around the country and around the world, there are five questions or issues he hears discussed:

  1. Should AA modernize and not be so strict about only being for alcoholics?
  2. Should the Big Book be updated?
  3. Should we get rid of the Lord's Prayer?
  4. Has anonymity served its purpose - do we need it anymore?
  5. Too many AA's are playing doctor, telling people not to take medications that their doctors have prescribed.

Hear what Clancy has to say about these topics.

Clancy spoke again in the evening after this talk:

Clancy I. in Atlanta 2007 - Experience, Strength and Hope

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